Monday, March 25, 2013

Since he drowned, Henry has remained with the same group of teenagers and he keeps wondering why. After all, what could he possibly have in common with a Mohawk-sporting punker from the 80s, a roller skater from the 70s with a thing for kimonos, and an English "rocker" from the 60s? Add to that, Henry can hear the other groups—their conversations, laughter and music. He can even smell the food they cook. But he never sees them. 

One day while poltergeisting with Curtis—a kid with both anger management issues and the ability to move objects in the physical realm—Henry finds he too has a previously undiscovered skill. He can speak to those on the other side. Soon, Henry learns that his new friends all possess unique skills for making themselves noticed by the living. Is Henry’s group kept isolated because of their abilities? If so, are they considered gifted or seen only as a potential bad influence?

Before Henry can reach any conclusions, he crosses over to check on his family and witnesses his sister being kidnapped. He sees and hears everything that happens. He knows who did it, where she’s being held and what will happen if the kidnappers don’t get what they want. As the police chase false leads, Henry comes to realize he’s his sister’s only hope. But for Henry to even have a chance, he has to convince a group of teenagers that dead doesn’t mean helpless.

Jump When Ready will be published in May, 2013.