Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jump Promo and Print Version Coming Soon!

So, I spent the weekend preparing for the Kindle free promo, which will run in just a couple of weeks. I’m running ads in websites that offer to broadcast the promo. Very cool, since many are free and others are affordable, but it took all day Saturday filling out the forms everywhere. Anyway, keep checking here and I will nail down those dates for you all to snag the book for free or to tell folks about it. Thanks for spreading the word about Jump so far!

I also spent part of this weekend formatting the print version of Jump that will soon be available on Amazon. I received some proof copies and the cover looks awesome! So cool to see it with a front and back image. But some tweaks remain. I will keep you all posted about when the print version will be available.

More soon and thanks for all the support for Jump When Ready!

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