Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Two weeks to go!

Just a little over two weeks left to win a signed print copy of Jump When Ready on Goodreads! So, for all you Goodreads people out there (are any of you not Goodreads people?), all you have to do is click here to enter! Or, if you don't feel like waiting, you can get an ebook copy for $2.99 on Amazon. Or both...

"Whether you're 14 or 24, this is a fun read with endearing characters and a quick-moving plot. Jump When Ready is not a book to miss."
- Portland Book Review 

"An engaging, poignant book that stayed with me long after I read the last word." 
- Tracy E. Banghart, author of By Blood.

"I loved this book and am looking forward to seeing what the author will come up with next!"
- A Little Shelf of Heaven 

"The combination of  coming-of-age, philosophical and thriller story comes together to make a fascinating and engaging book."
- The Real Bookshelves of Room 918

"It impacted my thoughts in a serious way, and I will most likely spend the next few days going over it, and over it, in my head."
- Bound by Words

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