Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Guest post on Michele Young-Stone's blog

A friend recently opened her blog for other writers to add guest-posts about writing (or their projects or whatever). Such a cool idea and I was really happy to be included! Ironically, my post on Michele Young-Stone’s blog is much longer than anything I’ve ever posted here. But, I guess, this isn’t really a blog about writing so much as it’s a blog (so far) about what I’ve written or will be writing. Does that make sense? Yeah, I’m not sure either.

Anyway, to hear a little about my feelings about indie publishing, you can read my post on Michele’s blog. Thanks, Michele!

Oh, if you just came here from Michele's blog you won't want to click that link above. Otherwise, you'll be stuck a blog loop. Very dangerous...


  1. Ooooooooooooh, I love the graphics and your blog on mine. Kudos. Thank you, Dave!

  2. Thank *you* for inviting me to guest-post on your blog, Michele. Great idea. Looking forward to seeing more posts from other writers!