Saturday, March 22, 2014

Don't Stop

I know this might sound a bit like bragging (I hope not) but someone I haven’t actually met emailed me today to say this: “So far both your stories have caught me right away and I don't want to put them down until I'm done. And they're fun to read! The characters are great. Don't stop!” 

I may not be making tons of money from my books and I may not be anywhere near the top of the Amazon rankings (some days are better than others—today, actually, brought pretty good news on that front). I still have to get up and go to work each day. There have even been a few times when I’ve asked myself if it’s really worth all the work it takes to publish novels. Not the writing—I love that part, of course—but all the technical challenges to format for print and ebook on various platforms, the costs and time involved in marketing, all that goes into publishing itself making it basically a second full-time job (and distracting obsession). 

 But when someone emails me and tells me how much they enjoyed my writing, or they leave a favorable review on Amazon or Goodreads, it makes every minute worth it. I started writing hoping someday to be worthy of being read and every so often lately I hear I’ve actually managed to accomplish that with my novels. That, in itself, is a dream come true.

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