Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I came across a posting tonight on a website where someone was looking for a pirated copy of Jump When Ready. Mixed feelings on this one. My first reaction was, "Really? You can get an ebook copy for $2.99 on Amazon!" At the same time, it's kind of a compliment (I guess whoever it was really wants to read the book).

And it also got me to thinking that, while the print version is available, I haven't yet made an e-book version available for those not using a Kindle as their e-reader. So, I should explain that, for now, the ebook version is exclusive to Amazon since Jump When Ready is enrolled in KDP Select (I'll spare you the details but that also means those using Nook, Kobo, or other e-readers can't download the less expensive version of the novel). That really doesn't seem quite fair. So, in the months ahead, I will format accordingly and make the e-book copy available through Smashwords. It will be a while, but I will definitely let you know.

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